Bangkok Street Treat

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Bangkok Street Treat

My Bangkok trip couldn’t have been complete without tasting food in its back streets.
Modest that I was in my expenses planned for this trip, the last few Bahts were left behind for me to sample the ever-popular street food the Bangkok is famous for.  For that ,it was Sukhumvit.
I had just one evening to spare to experience food the Bangkok way..stand in front of carts, order what pleases the eye, and have the vendor create your dish right in front of you.
Since my crisp little hotel was in Sukhumvit Soi 22, I ventured one evening walking from Soi to Soi, and stopped wherever my nose and eyes did.
Simply called Soi 38 by locals, this tiny section really offers a beginners’ delightful journey into Thai street food. It is no secret that the best food in this city is most likely to be found in side-walks and curbs of the roads. From steamed chicken and fat-flecked rice to terracotta bowls of braised shark fins and clotted pork blood, and from slithery noodles in thick beefy broth to gelatinous jewel-topped globs in coconut milk, Bangkok’s street food offers numerous occasions to test your taste-buds!Notable notorious ones that I tasted are as follows: These are written, as was told to me by the vendor who sold them:-

Bamee Kai(Egg noodles with poached eggs)
Hoy Tod Nangrom( Oyster Omlettes)
Hoy Tod Mangpu( Mussel Omlettes)
Chrysanthemum Tea( Oh! This was delicious!)
Guay Jab with Lued Moo ( Soup noodles with pork blood clots)
Sieng Gi Fish Porridge ( Fish Porridge with Rice Starch Water)
Nam Kaeng Sai (Dumplings, Jellies and Fruit served with syrup and shaved ice)

Sukhumvit:A melting pot of business, clubs, bars and entertainment.
And of course,most importantly food in this area, was at its best behavior. To know Bangkok, however, you need not necessarily be in your best behavior! Just, need not..but you can choose if you want to. Read my not-a-cock-and-bull-story of Bangkok!

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